Getting custom built homes from a 3D printer sounds like something out of a futuristic science-fiction utopia.
custom built homes
Yet the year is 2014, and people are, in fact, creating custom design homes with the help of 3D printers.

And, according to the Independent, these custom built homes — called WikiHouses — may be the answer to the housing crisis plaguing Great Britain.

WikiHouse 4.0, a 732-square-foot, two-story, two-bedroom home that is fully functional and livable, can be put together for less than £50,000, or a little less than $80,000, the Independent reports. It takes just a few days to “print” the parts needed for construction — and after that, the house can be built without needing to hire a construction crew.

It’s a price tag far less than what you would find among real estate listings for comparable two-bedroom homes for sale. The Independent reports that even building a similar-sized home the conventional way would take two months and about £97,500 — twice the cost of building a WikiHouse.

People can choose from a number of different custom homes plans that are available for free download on the Internet. According to the Independent, this is the first time a two-story home has been entirely constructed using open source technology.

“What we are trying to do with this installation is to spark people’s imagination about how technology can now enable almost anyone to afford their own custom-built house without the need for conventional construction skills,” Alastair Parvin, co-designer of the WikiHouse 4.0 project, told the UK Huffington Post.

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