custom built homesWhen it comes to the latest trends in custom design homes and brand new homes for sale, going green is definitely one of the most popular. In addition to reducing our imprint on the environment, energy-efficient custom built homes are also a great way to save money on utility bills each month.

Most newly-built custom homes are on average 17% more energy-efficient than older homes, due to today’s stringent building codes. But why stop at just 17% for your home?

Before you start designing the custom built homes of your dreams, check out these four things you can do to make your new home a little more green:

Invest in energy-efficient appliances
You’d be amazed at how much energy the typical household appliance consumes — even when it’s turned off. To cut down on your energy use and environmental imprint, choose appliances with energy-efficient certifications for your custom designed home. Your monthly electricity bill will fall dramatically, as well.

Choose building materials that come from renewable sources
Many custom home builders and developers offer a wide variety of different building materials for you to choose from when designing your dream home. Why not choose materials that come from renewable, sustainable sources? Some good examples are stone exteriors, sustainably-sourced wood, metal roofs and more.

Expand your home’s sources of natural light
Why keep your house’s lights running 24 hours a day when you have the best light source of all right outside your door? When designing your new home, there’s virtually no such thing as having too many windows. By taking advantage of the natural light of the sun — an infinitely renewable energy source — your custom built home can become more sustainable.

Choose the right location
Did you know that even the location upon which your house is built can have a profound impact on the environment? To help preserve the environment, custom built homes should ideally be built on land that has limited tree growth, has adequate ground water and is close enough to a source of waste disposal, like a septic system. In addition, placing your house on a location with ample sun exposure can make your house use up less energy for lighting!

What are some other ways you have made your home energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly? Tell us in the comments below!