custom built homesThe housing market is on the mend. Americans are buying more homes than they have in a long time, and some are finally getting around to building their custom dream homes. With a little help from the Internet and printable floor plans for new homes, new custom homes are taking all shapes and sizes — from tiny homes to some veryeco-friendly spaces.

“Anything Your Heart Desires Will Come To You”
Okay… that’s not strictly true. Custom luxury homes can help you realize your dreams; you just need to put a little (or sometimes a lot of) effort into it. For artist Omar Sherzad, putting together his own home was worth the effort. He grew up watching his father create art, and, today, Sherzad designs lamps by hand. Sherzad and his family spend their nights in an art gallery transformed into a home.

Want To Cut Costs Even More?
Luxury homes are defined as houses or apartments worth more than $1 million. If you’re going to go all out, you might as well spend money on amenities and extravagances, not things like demolition and clearing land. What’s the solution? Why not build your new luxury home around trees? More custom built homes have decks and porches carefully constructed around trees. Sometimes, homeowners even incorporate trees into indoor rooms by encasing them in glass. On average, custom built homes are 17% more energy efficient than slightly outdated homes (thanks to ever-changing building codes). Imagine how eco-friendly your home and its intact trees will be.

Join The Tiny Home Movement
More Americans are building homes that are just 100 to 400 square feet. These dimensions may sound stifling, but — thanks to strategic use of space — that’s hardly ever true. Most tiny homes also include furnishings that serve multiple purposes, or easily tuck away when they are not in use. Tiny homeowners are also taking advantage of things like shoji panels, or movable paper walls. With shoji panels, they can divide up rooms quickly, and adjust their home’s layout without any fuss. Small homes are cheaper, and, like other custom homes, require less maintenance and repair.

Now is the time to build the home of your dreams, whether that means a cost-efficient tiny home, a luxury home inside of a museum, or even a home built around a tree.