custom homes for saleCan you build a home for less than $5,000? That’s exactly what home builder Simon Dale set out to do (and he accomplished it, too!). Dale styled his house, mostly composed of scavenged and recycled materials, after a hobbit hole — or the quaint, semi-circular homes in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. Is Dale the exception? Experts don’t think so. More people all over the world are opting for custom built homes and custom homes for sale, and some are doing it for as little as $35,000!

Build Custom Dream Homes For Less Than $35,000
“As far-fetched as it sounds, if you can’t afford to buy a house, then designing and building your own may be more viable than you assumed,” CNN writes. Worldwide, more people are creating their own custom home plans and sharing them online. Would-be home builders can get home designs and home building tips entirely for free. Some even take it a step further and build their homes from recycled materials. Dale adds that building his hobbit home cost less than $5,000 because he used scavenged materials, a hammer, chisel, and chainsaw to get the entire job done.

What Are The Benefits Of New Custom Homes?
Custom homes for sale come with a lot of perks. For example, homeowners who purchase older homes have to worry about upkeep and maintenance; that is not the case for prospective homeowners who build a custom home or purchase a custom home new. Even internal fixtures, such as lighting and appliances, tend to be new — and should not require replacing or repair for several years. In order to ensure quality and the best custom-built home, make sure to have the home inspected for damages prior to buying and moving in.

Can you save thousands by building your own home or purchasing custom homes for sale? Depending the home and location, some buyers are even snagging great, quality houses for less than $35,000.