custom built homesHomebuyers have two choices nowadays. They can go for prebuilt homes on the market, or new custom homes for sale. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To give you a better idea of these two choices, let’s explore each.

Prebuilt Homes.

Buying a prebuilt home could potentially be much cheaper. You won’t have to worry about the cost of construction or new appliances. These expenses could inflate the estimated pricing of custom built homes more than what potential buyers expect.

Homeowners can also renovate their houses, too. If you can’t find a house on the market with that sunroom you’ve always been dreaming of, you can always just build it yourself or hire contractors to knock it out in a weekend.

Prebuilt homes also have an established community and neighborhood. This lets you determine the character of an area, and could make it more desirable. Custom built homes have more of a blank slate in regards to their communities, which could be seen as advantageous, though many prefer a pre-established community.

Custom Built Homes.

Custom dream homes are definitely an enticing choice. One of the biggest cases for custom built homes is that you can construct them to your specifications, rather than doing time-consuming renovations. Contractors can take your custom home plans and construct them to your specific vision, or modify them as the project progresses.

There’s also something to be said about having new everything. All of your appliances will be state-of-the-art and will still be protected under warranty, which means that in the event of something breaking or malfunctioning, you have a nice little safety net. What’s more, since the custom built homes will be up to the latest safety standards, your homeowner’s insurance will be cheaper since there’s less risk involved.

In addition to the advantages that custom built homes offer in and of themselves, there are also advantages of working with construction companies. These include: up front cost savings, professional experience, excellent resale value, firm pricing, no electrical or heating costs during construction, and more.

There are cases for and against custom built homes, and it’s really up to each individual to determine which works best for them. If you have any questions regarding whether you should choose prebuilt homes or custom built homes, feel free to ask in the comments.